Sunday, June 24, 2007

"The Man Called Flintstone" LP Music Soundtrack

"The Man Called Flintstone" LP MegaUpload Zip File Link

"The Man Called Flintstone" LP Sharbee Zip File Link


littlenomad said...

This is fantastic! I wish I could buy it on cassette or cd. Thanks for making this information available!

Dave said...

I don't think it ever was available on Cd. I can make one for you though through my Toe Of Frog Media Productions Company. $6.99 plus shipping with full color graphics.

Pelaphus said...

Any way/place this one might be re-uploaded? The piracy police seem to have cleared out all four locations.

Dave said...

I can email it to you. I'm not going to re-new any more links as they just get deleted as soon as I do.

Dave W.

Pelaphus said...

Thanks, Dave. Email would be lovely. In the event that you/we have trouble with firewalls and file size, I also have access to Skype (through which you can hand off a file) and Dropbox (through which you can upload one at your leisure).

But let's give email a go first: Use both these addresses simultaneously:
Both are me.
I'm very appreciative.

bgee said...

Hey Dave!

Could you please email me this LP as well? Thanks a bunch!

dommromm said...

Hello Dave,

Hope that I am not bothering you but are you still able to email this soundtrack or re-up it again?

If possible, could you please let me know.

Much Thanks.

dommromm said...

Forgot to add my email address:

denyspr said...

I'd like to download this precious, my e-mail is:
Thanks in advance.
Big hugs from Santos City, Brazil

Denys P.R. (denyspr)

denyspr said...

Can you send the link to me?
My e-mail is:

Hugs from Santos City, Brazil.

Denys P.R. (denyspr)