Thursday, August 2, 2007

Scholastic Records "The Haunted House..." (1970), "The Teeny Tiny Woman" (1968), "Georgie" (1968), "Georgie And The Noisy Ghost" (1980)

Jason at Scar Stuff shared these 7 Inch records HERE.

"The Haunted House And Other Tales" Zip File

"The Teeny Tiny Woman"/"Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes" Zip File


"Georgie And The Noisy Ghost"


Keith Enright said...


Thanks very much for posting these. I've been trying to explain to people for years how much I enjoyed these in grade school while barely remembering the actual name of the record.

I've told variations of the "dark dark house" story to my kids for a long time. So great to hear my original inspiration once again.


Brad and Tiffany said...

Hi Dave,

I'm with Keith...I have thought about these records for YEARS and wondered where I could find them. I had a super time, reliving some of my childhood, while listening to, "Georgie and the Robbers." :)

By any you know where I could find the record (I believe it was in the scholastic series), that accompanied the book, "A Bargain For Frances?"

I read it to my daughter all the time, but would SO LOVE for her to hear the record.

Just thought I'd ask...thanks again for the trip down "memory lane."


Dave said...

I find almost all of my LPs on ebay.

Dave W.

KWTR Manager said...

Dave, you are tha man!
I love these classic stories.
- Joe