Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ludwig Von Drake Talking Plush Doll Soundtrack

This soundtrack was sent to me by one of my readers. It comes from a Disney Ludwig Von Drake Talking Plush Doll. It came with a special-sized cassette, and the cassette deck built into it that played this tape. This person said his Uncle had a toy store in the 60's and 70's, and had one of these for sale. He found one on ebay recently which is where he got this sound track from.

Ludwig Von Drake Talking Plush Doll Soundtrack Zip File



Paul Frees was the greatest! So funny!

Anonymous said...

Please re-post, I love Paul Frees!!! :D Thank you so much!

Alan Nowogrodzki

MechaLife said...

Would you take a picture of the Ludwig Von Drake toy's cassette player? And/or take a video of him (If you have the time or a camcorder, that is :) )

Dave said...

Sorry. This recording came from one of my Blog reader's so I don't have access to the toy. I don't even recall what his name is so maybe if he reads this comment he can get in touch with you.


MechaLife said...

Oh, Okay. I did reasearch on the toy, and found that he had a RCA Victor Tape Cartridge player in him, make the doll weigh much more than other, later cassette and cartridge playing toys. Also, he needed an amp to work.