Saturday, April 3, 2010


You know how when we grow up many times we buy our kids the same toys we had as children. Well I never had any of my own kids. By the time my wife and I got married her 3 daughters from another marriage were grown. So I've had to skip a generation, and spoil my Grandkids rotten instead. We are going to move back to my wife's hometown sometime next year. When we do we'll be babysitting our oldest Grandson a lot. So I decided to buy a bunch of the Marx Playsets from the 1960's and 70's to have at our house for him to play with when he comes. Here's a photo of all of the sets I got recently off ebay:


I also bought him a bunch of extra cowboys, indians, civil war soliders (both sides) and knights to add to the sets. I also got him several cap guns and hats to play with (fireman, policeman, cowboy, construction and army helmets). One thing missing from the photo that I haven't received yet is one of those Marx carry-all Playsets. It's the Cape Kennedy set.

Lest the Grand-Daughters feel left out. Here is a post about the Vinatge Toys we'll be sending to them this Christmas:

Nostalgic Goodies For The Grand-Daughters.


I just recently found a gentlemen who was selling multiple sets of the BMC Military Playsets that he had purchased for his son and himself to set up in diorama form. So now in addition to the above Marx Sets I also have the following BMC Sets now:

Gettysburg (3 sets)
Battle of Yorktown (2 sets)
The Alamo (2 sets)
Battle of San Juan Hill (2 sets)
Battle of Little Big Horn (2 sets)
D-Day Utah Beach (2 sets)
D-Day Invasion Of Normandy (2 Sets)

Are my Grandsons going to be lucky when they come to visit Grandpa & Grandma or what?


John Rozum said...

Man, I want to come over and play too.

senormedia said...

I still have my Ft Apache, 40 years later (a little worse for wear - both the toy and me). My daughters haven't shown any interest, but their Barbies dig my GI Joes (and they both love my Legos).

Dave said...

No my Granddaughter's wouldn't play with them either had I given them to them for Christmas. This batch of Marx items in the included photo were bought with the intention of keeping them at our house for our Grandson (when he comes to visit) to play with when we move to Illinois in June this year. That way I can help him set them up plus that gives me an excuse to play with them

The Grandkids all have their late Great-Grandfather to thank for these toys as they were paid for with his life insurance money. I know that he would greatly approve.

Unknown said...

Man, i find this so awesome. I am a child of the 70s, and I happened across someones scanned slides (flickr explore) from their family from the mid- seventies. I was grabbing all of the Christmas photos, only to check and see if I had scored any of the same toys they had. Awesome times. Great site. Thanks

Dave said...

just inherited my Family Slides from my Dad when he died August of 2009. I did the same thing, and shared the scans on my Facebook Page. Look on ebay now and again next week. I'm selling one copy each of my duplicate BMX Playsets. My user name is toeoffrogproductions.

BTW - we just moved to my wife's hometown of Peoria, IL where her family all lives. We've had 3 of the grandkids come over a visit on several occassions. They love playing with my old Marx Tin Service Stations, and my Structo Pressed Metal Vehicles. They also love playing with my Marx gun collection as this is the only place they have toy guns to play Our Grandson's favorite is my old collection of Matchbox and Hotwheels Cars. Who says kids need video games now days? Pffftt.


Dave said...

Sadly finanaces and lack of space have forced me to sell most of my playsets and board games that I had bought for our Grandkids. Unfortunately my Grandson hasn't shown much interest in playing with Soldiers of any era. He loves my matchbox cars though.

I think the soldier deal is due to his Mom not letting him play with anything to do with the military. Although he has all kinds of violent video games. Go figure.


Unknown said...

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