Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bozo At The Circus 78 RPM Record And Storybook (Capitol Records BBX-34 1946)

Kiddie Records Weekly had this info to share about this set:
"Pinto Colvig, the jovial voice of Bozo, is a former clown himself. He can be heard in many Disney productions as Goofy, Pluto, Grumpy and other famed characters. In addition to Colvig, Billy Bletcher and Sara Berner are heard impersonating animals housed under the big tent. The music was composed, arranged and conducted by Billy May, who spent many months engaged in research. His use of the calliope ingeniously reflects the feel of the circus, complimenting the spoken words of Colvig as he introduces and interviews the various animals."

I was lucky enough to find this set on Ebay for only $5.99. Sometimes you get lucky that way.

Bozo At The Circus Zip File (Zip File Contains All Of The Storybook Pages)

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