Monday, September 10, 2007

"A True Space Adventure Space Shuttle" (Kid Stuff Phono Picture Disc Limited Edtion Collector Series KPD 6005)

"Construction began on Columbia in 1975 primarily in Palmdale, California. Columbia was named after the Boston-based sloop Columbia captained by American Robert Gray, who explored the Pacific Northwest and became the first American vessel to circumnavigate the world; the name also honored Columbia, the Command Module of Apollo 11. After construction, the orbiter arrived at John F. Kennedy Space Center on March 25, 1979, to prepare for its first launch. On March 19, 1981, during preparations for a ground test, five workers were asphyxiated during a nitrogen purge, resulting in two deaths.

The first flight of Columbia (STS-1) was commanded by John Young (a space veteran from the Gemini and Apollo eras) and piloted by Robert Crippen, who had never been in space before, but who served as a support crew member for the Skylab missions and Apollo-Soyuz. It launched on April 12, 1981, and returned on April 14, 1981, after orbiting the earth 36 times.

On February 1, 2003, Columbia disintegrated during re-entry over Texas, on its 28th mission. All seven crew members aboard perished."

This LP is from NASA Flight Tapes from this first mission. My LP is in really bad shape. It took me hours just trying to get out most of the skips. I did edit some of the noise out, but if anyone can do better with it please do so:

"A True Space Adventure Space Shuttle" Zip File


Ves said...

Dave i have this album in decent shape. just no cover for it..any idea what its worth today?

Dave said...

I'd say around $25.00 on a good day.

john said...

Hi Dave, I have an excellent shape of this album, john, nashville

john said...

hi I have an excellent copy of this albume, any ideas, nashville john

Dave said...

I'd say either sell it on ebay, e-crater, or

Dave W.

jmw said...

I've got this album which has not been opened/used. Can you tell me the value?