Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TARZAN!! The Rare 1966 TV-Soundtrack LP Plus Two Bonus Tracks!


"Hi. In 1966, NBC-TV and Banner Productions brought Edgar Rice Burroughs' pulp fiction hero Tarzan to the small screen. While actor Ron Ely was the fifteenth screen Tarzan, he was the first to play the King of the Jungle in a series made for television. As I watched this series through six-year-old eyes, I was thrilled by the action and adventure that each episode served up. Besides an opening narrative (included on this album!), there is little time spent on Tarzan's origin. Here, Lord Greystoke (Tarzan's birth name) has already been educated in civilization. Disillusioned by his new world, he returns to Africa to live among the apes that raised him. With an orphaned boy named Jai and a pet chimpanzee named Cheetah, Tarzan protects his wild kingdom from a variety of evildoers. In its heyday, this series held its own in pop culture. There were many toys available featuring Ely's likeness, including a lunchbox, trading cards, and a fine run of Gold Key TV-comics (like the issue pictured here). The soundtrack album was released by Leo the Lion Records (LES-902 Stereo), and features a complete adventure called "The Eyes of The Lion," along with a unique recording of composer Sydney Lee's excellent theme music, "Tarzan's March." I've added two bonus tracks, the original TV recording of the theme (from my VHS tapes) and the second TV theme, which is entirely different. In the folder, you will find the original album cover artwork (front, back, and the entire gatefold!) plus pics of some of the memorabilia that I've mentioned. Enjoy! TRACK LISTING: 01. EYES OF THE LION (PART ONE), 02. EYES OF THE LION (PART TWO), 03. TARZAN'S MARCH, 04. TARZAN (Original TV-Theme), 05. TARZAN (2nd TV-Theme)."


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