Tuesday, September 11, 2007

PEANUTS- GOOD GRIEF, CHARLIE BROWN!! The Rare 1962 Columbia Harmony LP!


"Hi. In 1962, Columbia Records decided to bring Charles Schultz' beloved "Peanuts" comic strip to a new media- comedy records! The newspaper strip started in 1950, and centered on the adventures of "good ol' Charlie Brown," based on Schultz' own childhood memories. The "Peanuts" gang produced many great characters, but this first album centers on dialogue between Charlie Brown and Lucy, the yin and the yang. As always, Charlie Brown is the calm voice of reason that lacks self esteem. Lucy, on the other hand, is the overconfident antagonist whose self-serving world views only strive to humiliate Charlie. Charles Schultz wrote this entire album, expanding themes that are drawn from the comic strip. The voice-actors are comedy writer Arthur Siegel as Charlie Brown and stage and screen actress Kaye Ballard (later of "The Mothers-In-Law"- thanks, Larry!) as Lucy. The music that surrounds the comedy bits was composed and orchestrated by the great Fred Karlin, famous for his work with Benny Goodman, Harry James, and Raymond Scott. The album was produced by John Hammond and released on Columbia's Harmony imprint (HS11230). This is one of the toughest "Peanuts" records to find. It predates all of the TV specials and was a landmark event in the history of America's greatest comic strip. I would like to thank my friend Tony for the upgraded transfer featured in the new link below. Tony just started his own blog of vinyl rarities called "Way Out Junk." I wish him the best, and you can find his blog among my list of friends to the right. The original album cover artwork, front and back, is included in the folder. Enjoy! TRACK LISTING: 01. INTRODUCING CHARLIE BROWN AND LUCY, 02. BUGS AND BIRDS, 03. POLITICAL CARTOONS, 04. PLAYTHINGS, 05. SNOWFLAKES AND STARS, 06. JUST PEANUTS."



Chris Sobieniak said...

Ironically I don't see anything else but a "thumbs.db" in the zip file than the front/back cover scans mentioned.

Dave said...

Sorry. This is one of MondoDaddykins shares, and his original posting quote and file. You can click on the front and back photo covers I've shared in the post, and save them to your PC also.

Unknown said...

I have one how Mitch is it worth