Friday, July 6, 2007

The Flintstones And Jose' Jiminez in "The Time Machine"

Not sure exactly what to say about this It's one of those type of things where you have to be a kid to buy the storyline. It's good clean HB entertain though.

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dancer5612004 said...

Very memorable comedy album that I still have in storage with tons of other vintage vinyl. The record plays like a cartoon episode special with the reluctant time traveler Jose Jiminez playing an honest hard working janitor at Cape Kennedy, and accidently pushing "the little red button" on the control panal. The rocket travels thru time and takes him back to the stone ages where he meets Fred and Barney. Together they climb aboard the rocket once more, where Jose demonstrates how he came to travel in their neck of the woods, by accidently pushing the "little red button" again. Needless to say, they travel thru time, and briefly land at various spots to inquire about their time in space back on earth, meeting a variety of comical historical figures in comical situations. The dialogue is crisp and involving for both young and old. Highly recommended!