Friday, July 13, 2007

Mad Monster Party DVD Soundtrack Rip

This is a long one so I've split it up into separate files to keep the size down a little. It's still going to be almost 140 MB total. I remember the first time this was shown on TV. Baron Von Frankenstein, voiced by the legendary Boris Karloff, holds a special convention of The Worldwide Organization Of Monsters to discuss his retirement. When he announces that his successor will be his nerd nephew Felix, the world's major monsters are mortified. Now The Creature's Bride (voiced by Phyllis Diller), Count Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and more must all scramble to steal the Baron's ultimate secret during one wild party packed with cool monster music and outrageous monster madness!

Besides Phyllis Diller and Boris Karloff all the other male voices were done by Allen Swift who had been on the Howdy Doody Show, and had done many of the voices for the "Underdog" show. The only other voice heard is from Gale Garnett who does the voice of Francesca. She also sings all of the Francesca songs. Her one big hit as a singer was "We'll Sing In The Sunshine" in the 1960's. Enjoy!

Mad Monster Party DVD Soundtrack Rip Zip File

Here's the chapter lsting from the DVD:

01. Program Start/The Secret Of Destruction

02. Main Titles

03. Felix Frankin

04. The Monster And His Mate

05. R.S.V.P.

06. S.S.Herring

07. Monsters Below deck

08. Abandon Ship

09. Lecturing The Staff

10. The Gang's All Here

11. The World's Best Chef

12. Baron Frankenstein's Discovery

13. Dance Party Of The Dead

14. Dracula And Francesca

15. Mad Monster Party

16. Restless Night

17. Welcome, Felix

18. Springing A Trap

19. Family Business

20. Stay One Step Ahead

21. Doubles-Cross

21. Hate At First Sight

23. Monster's RebelLion

24. Jungle Hunt

25. The Wrath Of Kong

26. Francesca's Suitors

27. Rescue

28. The Secret.

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