Monday, July 16, 2007

Sesame Street Monsters (LP CTW 22071)

Not much info about this 1975 LP anywhere that I could find. The LP back says it was Sesame Streets' way of parents giving their kids ready access to all of the Monster songs they'd come to love from the show.

Sesame Street Monsters Zip File


Brooklyn Mouse said...


I used to watched Sesame Street since I was a kid, but I'm too old to watched it, but I do remember the LP's "The Year of Roosevelt Franklin" since I was a kid and "Sesame Disco" since I was a youngster.

I found a link to the "Get Up and Boogie" blog is the 1979 LP called "Sesame Disco". It has "What Makes Music?", "Disco Frog", "Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco", "Doin' the Trash", "The Happiest Street In the World" and disco version of "Bein' Green" and "Sing".

I used to listened to it since I was a youngster, but I haven't heard that LP in ages.

Dave said...

I couldn't find it there, but I found it at another blog. Get Up And Boogie has no Search Box so it is hard to find anything there without searching through their whole archive.