Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"Pixie & Dixie With Mr. Jinks Tell The Story Of Cinderella"

This is one of many of these HB Cartoon LPs I have. This one is Mr. Jinks telling Pixie & Dixie the Story of Cinderella.

"Pixie & Dixie With Mr. Jinks Tell The Story Of Cinderella" Zip File


Unknown said...

Cinderella was available as both and LP and a 45. (So was the "Flip Fables", but when they were issued as 45s, Goldirocks was one 45 and the 3 pigs were on another. But both stories were on one LP). But Cinedrella confuses me, because, unlike "Flip Fables", they couldn't break the LP into two parts when the reissed the story as a 45. What did they do in the case of Cinderella? Edit down the story? Always wondered about that (Here is a link to the 45: http://www.gasolinealleyantiques.com/images/Records%20Page/rec-pixie.JPG

Erin T. Aardvark said...

Do you know who did the voices? I mean, it's obvious that June Foray was Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother, and Cinderella's stepmother. It's also obvious that Paul Frees was the king and the prince, but apparently, it also sounded a little like Paul Frees was doing Mr. Jinks, too. There were times where he sounded more like Paul Frees than Daws Butler. And what about Pixie or Dixie? Do you know who voiced that one?

Dave said...

Actually the area of my LP that had the voice actors was damaged. That's why on my back cover scan there isn't any voice actor credits. That whole area looked like there had been a sticker on it, and then was later removed taking the LP writing with it. I'm waiting for another copy to come in the mail this week, and I'll see then if it tells.


Dave said...

No there is no voice actor listing on this LP. Sorry.


Crystal said...

Hi Dave!

I realize this blog is no longer being updated, but I hope you get this message.

I used to listen to this story over and over again when I was child (it was on cassette and I grew up in the 80's). Finding it again through your generous blog has brought back so many happy memories and I am now able to share these wonderful narratives with my own children.

Thank you for taking the time to upload and share these memories with all of us!!!